Firm profile

Prior to his diploma in architecture at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, Elie-Pierre Sabbag graduated in Economics from Paris X University. He established his firm in 1997. Sabbag combined both financial and technical backgrounds to develop a contemporary approach to design.

Based in Beirut, SA47 provide clients with their requirements.

To date the firm portfolio consists of a variety of projects including offices, residential, commercial, industrial, religious and internal fit outs that can be seen in various cities of the Middle East.


Firm focus

In architecture, today, the issues are no longer between classical and modern, order and disorder, humanist perspectives and mechanistic aesthetics, but between good and bad design. The challenge in our profession is to inscribe architectural actions in a contextual approach and to generate social interaction in any built environment.

Each project has its own identity shaped by the client’s needs, the project’s program and the site. Therefore, our response manages both generic constraints and explicit demands, challenging the equilibrium of cost, quality and time.

We believe architecture can find ways of expressing local cultures despite the “globalization” landslide through the construction of a pertinent personality that anchors the project in its context.


Team past and present

Rana Fany - Serge Yarak - Wessam el-Hajj - Lina Daher - Rima AbouRahme - Talal Naim - Mustafa Jundi - Samia Nassar - Nizar Rizk - Darine Choueiri - Marwan Baeino - Salim Boulos - Fadi Freih - Caline Eid - Maya Bacha - Ghassan AbouMrad - Roger Adaimi - Maha Issa - Sandra Debbas - Patrick Daccache - Bachir Moujaes - David Germanos - Hrayr der Kevorkian - Nicole Sery - Roula Salamoun - Joanne Hennaoui - Sarkis Touloudjian - Fadi Aoun - Rony Haddad - Farah Kassab - Hala El-Amine - Nathalie Naufal - Lina Abu Salman - Nayla Audi - Harout Haleblian - Françoise Ballane - Naji Assi - Yara Akl - Abdo Barouki

SA47 Offices in Downtown Beirut

SA47 Offices in Downtown Beirut